Reach HCPs

No See and White Space Physicians and Vacant Territories

Physician access is at an all-time low. Economic pressures, regulations and changes in physician practices will only continue to negatively impact sales rep face time and access to physicians. Non-personal promotion is a critical component of your marketing plan. We begin our non-personal promotion equation with a physician list match and then segment based on decile and EPPD - Experiential Physician Preference Data. Our measurable, multi-wave, direct mail campaigns effectively reach your segmented no-see and white-space physicians and vacant territories, as if you were face-to-face with your physicians. Tracking and measuring results will provide the unique insights to determine ROI and appropriately enhance the campaign in the future.

Maximizing Touch Points in the HCP Office

Reaching your HCPs is more than just mailing them product detail aids. You have the opportunity to mail waiting room displays to present disease state information or interactive audio and/or video testimonials to encourage patient – physician dialogue. We call this HCP Office Surround Sound. Encourage prescription-writing behavior when you can’t be face-to-face. Give physicians personalized webkeys, pURLs, BRCs and QR codes to quickly order samples, copay cards and starter kits to encourage trial and adherence.

MedTera Solutions to help you reach HCPs:

HCP Office Surround Sound™... from the waiting room to the exam room, front-to-back office surround sound maximizes the best opportunities to communicate with physicians and patients.
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Non-Personal Promotion... measurable, multi-wave direct mail campaigns effectively reach no-see and white-space physicians and vacant territories.
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Digital Solutions... landing pages, pURLs, gURLs or microsites support and enhance the brand experience by extending the dialogue of effective direct marketing and advertising campaigns.
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