Reach Patients

Patient Non-Adherence

Patient non-adherence is “America’s Other Drug Problem.” Non-adherence costs the healthcare system 100 billion dollars per year in direct costs, 50 billion dollars per year in indirect costs and is the single greatest source of lost revenue to pharma. In a patient survey, we found that 72% of patients in their first month of treatment stopped taking their prescribed medications. To tackle the issue we specialize in informative, interactive Patient Starter Kits. Our kits combine the right balance of education and motivation and often include other incentive programs, such as co-pay assistance and/or a self-measurable scorecard to share with a physician on the next visit.

Patient Education

Poor execution and delivery of medication and disease-state education result in ineffective and costly medical outcomes. We develop solutions that educate patients about their diagnosis, disease and treatment plan. Education, in the form of testimonials, side-effect management and lifestyle change recommendations, can be strategically delivered via multi-channels, such as interactive dimensional pieces, webkeys, video, unbranded microsites, mobile apps and more.

Patient Acquisition

A study conducted in 2007 by UCLA medical center, found that the average American TV viewer sees over 1,000 prescriptions drug ads in the course of a year. Startling, the study finds that the large majority of TV ads fail to fulfill an educational purpose. Education is key to driving a call to action and the ultimate brand objective, change in behavior. Advertising is a common acquisition tactic for Pharma yet it’s not delivering critical disease state and brand education. If the patient remembers to ask for the brand by name, will they follow through on fulfillment? Solutions that reach patients in the physician’s office will both engage the patient in critical disease state and brand message points, such as a clinical benefit, adherence and side effect management and keep your brand top of mind when they’re speaking with their physician. Drive sample and trial use where they are most engaged in their health, at the doctor’s office.

Solutions to help you reach Patients:

HCP Office Surround Sound™... from the waiting room to the exam room, front-to-back office surround sound maximizes the best opportunities to communicate with physicians and patients.
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Dimensional-to-Digital (D2D)™ Solutions... high impact paper designs combined with digital communication tools, such as personalized URLs, QR codes and webkeys drive targets to digital destinations.
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