Support Sales Force

Sales/Detail Aids

Our interactive sales aids are designed to deliver complex information in a memorable way. We use formats that compartmentalize key information points to command attention and steer focus. Our sales aid materials are as effective at enhancing the sales rep experience as they are at reaching no-see and white-space HCPs and vacant territories. We can enhance our detail aids with a personalized QR code, personalized URL (pURL) and/or personalized webkey to lead your HCP to a mobile detail aid or an interactive e-detail aid on the web. This gives your HCP the convenience of choosing aspects of the detail aid they want, through their preferred communication channel. Arm your rep with a dosing card or a leave behind that complements iPad video. MedTera can develop the iPad video, mobile app or microsite too. We are only limited to our imagination. No matter your sales teams’ pain points, we have a solution.

Solutions to help you support your Sales Force:

HCP Office Surround Sound™... from the waiting room to the exam room, front-to-back office surround sound maximizes the best opportunities to communicate with physicians and patients.
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Dimensional-to-Digital (D2D)™ Solutions... high impact paper designs combined with digital communication tools, such as personalized URLs, QR codes and webkeys drive targets to digital destinations.
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