Founded in 2012, healtheo360 is a social media "caring network" where patients living with chronic conditions, such as Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer's, and many others come to find support, encouragement and information. By integrating social media with healthcare, healtheo360 is promoting the voice of patients and caregivers through its patent pending video health platform. Healtheo360 will evolve global healthcare as it puts the voice of the patient and caregiver at the center of the learning and decision making process through social media. The healtheo360 community includes patients, their caregivers, family members and friends who share their stories by self generated videos so others may find inspiration, motivation and support. At healtheo360, members and visitors can explore a diverse assembly of specialized support groups and connect with people just like them. The members of the healtheo360 community can also follow others on their individual journey, gain access to invaluable resources, learn something new, share their knowledge and most importantly, help others in need.

Patient’s will benefit with services including Virtual Social Therapy® , peer counseling, support groups, educational publications and access to a library of video content from patients and caregivers. Comments are allowed and encouraged to promote lively discussions. Made by members “Just Like You”, our library of videos are longitudinal health journals that cover symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, remission, and various health conversations. At healtheo360, its all about: "Real People. Real Stories. Real Life®".

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