Digital Solutions

Technology innovation races ahead, multiplying the number of media channels, electronic and digital communication tools and messages to pharma’s key audiences. How can pharma navigate the proliferation of non-personal media channels and tools to differentiate, educate and solicit a desired call to action? At MedTera, we root out the digital trends to determine what will actually work for your brand. Our premiere digital solutions, Dimensional-to-Digital (D2D) incorporates digital communication tools to enhance dimensional pieces and drive audiences to digital destinations. Sometimes, the digital tool substantially engages to motivate the target to go to mobile or web, such as with audio or video; other times the digital tools are the physical drivers, such as with personalized QR codes, pURLs, personalized webkeys and URLs. We don’t stop here. For clients who are seeking a full-service campaign, we can create mobile apps, microsites and landing pages, effectively integrating design concepts, message points and tracking to optimize ROI.

MedTera Medical Resource Center

New in 2013, the MedTera Medical Resource Center (MMRC) is a "one-stop-shop" for healthcare professionals (HCPs) to access all of the information that they are interested in with one click of a mouse. The MMRC is completely customizable and can be branded with any brand. Once at the MMRC, HCPs can order samples, request a rep in their area, watch educational videos, download physician and patient education, view abstract studies, etc.

Also critical to the success of this campaign will be the ability to capture performance data and understand the extent of HCP behavioral movement and to what degree the targeted physicians accept the brand’s key communication points, and their call to action. All tactical execution must be measurable. Driving healthcare professionals to the Medical Resource Center requires going beyond email clutter and spam filters. We can add key personalized drive-to-digital components such as personalized webkeys and pURLs to our unique brand of high-impact dimensional designs that grab attention, engage and elicit response, all while we we track and measure behavior with our Data and Analytics Platform.