MedTera’s Medical Resource Center (MMRC)

Driving healthcare professionals to the Medical Resource Center requires going beyond email clutter and spam filters. MedTera’s dimensional-to-digital approach will get them to the platform where they can be effectively communicated to. We add key personalized drive-to-digital components such as QR codes and pURLs to our unique brand of highimpact dimensional designs that grab attention, engage and elicit response, all while we we track and measure behavior with our Data and Analytics Platform.

While the role of digital marketing continues to expand, companies should not overlook the value of direct mail. Direct mail can easily be integrated with digital marketing with MedTera’s dimensional-to-digital approach.

We take customers from direct mail campaigns to our customizable online medical resource center that allows healthcare providers to:

  • View educational videos
  • Request a rep
  • Request samples
  • Download physician, patient education, and abstract studies
  • Complete surveys