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Market Research

Need help recruiting a healthcare audience? We have access to a wide range of healthcare professionals and patients who are interested in sharing their knowledge and opinions.


Through our partnerships we have access to over 450,000 HCPs and 25,000,000 patients and caregivers worldwide. Using a multi-channel / multi-mode recruiting strategy and a variety of data sources, we can effectively engage your target audience and capture insights from product development to commercialization.


At MedTera, we go beyond just simply recruiting and surveying, we will ensure that we obtain the best insight for your qualitative and quantitative projects. We conduct research at all stages of your product’s respective lifecycle; product development, pre-launch, launch, growth and maturity.


Our solutions are customized, and we work with you every step of the way, to ensure that we deliver on the unique requirements of your project, surpass your expectations and deliver actionable insight as efficiently as possible.

Some of the ways we partner with our clients to capture actionable insights:

  • Hypothesis Testing

  • Patient Journey Exploration

  • Therapeutic Landscape Analysis

  • KOL Research

  • Brand Positioning

  • Message Development

  • Detail Aid Testing

  • Patient Adherence

  • Clinical Trial Recruiting Strategies

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