When it comes to innovation and the marketing mix, some say the healthcare industry lags behind. As a healthcare marketing solutions company, we work feverishly to keep our finger on the pulse of innovation and creative solutions for our clients. MedTera understands that innovation isn’t spurred solely from looking inward in healthcare. We look outward to leaders of marketing innovation from all industries. This is healthcare marketing in the 21st century. We "deliver beyond the fold" by integrating dimensional and digital solutions into multi-wave marketing campaigns that capture the attention of your key targets to engage and elicit response. We assist in marketing your brand by turning medical facts into creative ideas.

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Customer service has notable benefits for pharma

Social media has become a customer service outlet for many industries, and consumers love the ability to post their grievances and receive real-time feedback. However, this type of customer experience is not always possible for pharmaceutical manufacturers. This is partially because of the strict regulations these companies face when using social media and also the fact that the general public is not pharma's target market.

Healthcare companies can engage patients with digital marketing

Patient engagement is a key concern of many healthcare companies, and the key to achieving their goals may be digital accessibility. Many experts believe that to healthcare needs to offer the same digital incentives as other industries to adequately meet customer expectations. There are a number of electronic efforts, like search engine promotion and Youtube-celebrity endorsements, that can boost healthcare marketing campaigns and increase patient engagement.

Awareness campaigns can be beneficial for pharma

Disease awareness campaigns are not new to pharmaceutical marketing, but because the movements are usually proprietary, their results are not publicly released. However, the UK National Health Service recently released the results of their lung cancer awareness campaign. The data showed that marketing efforts that promote testing and diagnosis of certain conditions can be a lucrative investment for pharmaceutical companies.

5 common problems with patient education brochures

The vast majority of medical providers offer some type of patient education brochures in the waiting room. Certain healthcare agencies offer free materials, but there are a number of benefits to organizations that create their own educational brochures. Healthcare Success explained that an impressive brochure can help enhance the organization's reputation and even increase revenue. However, there are a number of common problems that healthcare providers often make when creating patient education brochures that undermine the effectiveness of the documents.

How to spur early market adoption for medical devices

The faster that medical device manufacturers can achieve sales goals for their new products, the more competitive the companies will become. For this reason, it is essential that marketing teams leverage new products for early adoptions. These steps may help companies create effective medical device marketing campaigns that exceed sales goals in their first years.