When it comes to innovation and the marketing mix, some say the healthcare industry lags behind. As a healthcare marketing solutions company, we work feverishly to keep our finger on the pulse of innovation and creative solutions for our clients. MedTera understands that innovation isn’t spurred solely from looking inward in healthcare. We look outward to leaders of marketing innovation from all industries. This is healthcare marketing in the 21st century. We "deliver beyond the fold" by integrating dimensional and digital solutions into multi-wave marketing campaigns that capture the attention of your key targets to engage and elicit response. We assist in marketing your brand by turning medical facts into creative ideas.

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Humor and healthcare marketing: Create a witty and widespread campaign

It has often been pointed out that laughter is the best medicine, which would make it a key player in healthcare. But how well does humor work as a part of healthcare marketing?

Big data becoming a key component of marketing in healthcare

The prevalence of electronic medical record systems in healthcare presents certain opportunities for marketers in the industry. A centralized source of conditions as well as the prescriptions patients take and want can prove to be a valuable resource for pharmaceutical companies looking to identify more accurate ways to produce and market their products.

Healthcare marketing must educate millennials on voluntary coverage

When teenagers first become eligible for a driver's license, many states mandate an educational course on various forms of automobile safety. The rationale behind these courses is to inform young drivers that they are not invincible behind the wheel of a car and need to take the necessary steps to protect themselves from harm.

Healthcare.gov enrollment reaches 6 million as marketers target young Americans

The flagship vehicle for the Obama administration's push toward comprehensive healthcare reform has been Healthcare.gov, the online portal meant to make it easier for the uninsured to find affordable coverage and the already-insured to find plans that better suit their needs. Healthcare marketing services have utilized nearly every available resource at their disposal – from billboards on highways to primetime commercials during the annual national college basketball tournament – to get the word out about President Barack Obama's newest push for reform.

Patients expect pharmaceutical marketing to provide information, services

For pharmaceutical companies, the vast majority of their resources is given to the research, development and testing of various drugs. These time-consuming processes can take years and decades to complete. Only a few more years after selling their goods on the open market however, pharmaceutical companies' exclusivity patents often run out, allowing generic brands to steal their market share with only a fraction of the startup costs. Then, the cycle starts all over again and the search for new products continues.