When it comes to innovation and the marketing mix, some say the healthcare industry lags behind. As a healthcare marketing solutions company, we work feverishly to keep our finger on the pulse of innovation and creative solutions for our clients. MedTera understands that innovation isn’t spurred solely from looking inward in healthcare. We look outward to leaders of marketing innovation from all industries. This is healthcare marketing in the 21st century. We "deliver beyond the fold" by integrating dimensional and digital solutions into multi-wave marketing campaigns that capture the attention of your key targets to engage and elicit response. We assist in marketing your brand by turning medical facts into creative ideas.

Latest News

More efficient marketing requires customer targeting techniques

Pharmaceutical marketing is becoming increasingly digital, and with this change comes the push to use "big data" to target specific consumers. The practice of using public data to tailor advertisements can be complicated and expensive but, when done properly, can garner impressive results.

Unified branding can influence consumer perceptions

A name and logo often serve as the first impression of a business, and healthcare marketers should recognize the merit of branding strategies to make the most of integrated marketing. Consumer favorability is influenced by a strong brand, and unifying strategies can make a big difference in generating business.

Digital marketing should focus on phones

A survey conducted by FICO, an analytics software company, of more than 2,000 worldwide smartphone users revealed that the majority of participants would be prime targets for digital healthcare marketing. The survey's consensus was that adults would like greater access to medical information on mobile devices. More educational and informational apps are being downloaded each year, and healthcare marketers should capitalize on this access to consumers.

Non-personal promotion: A growing trend in pharmaceutical marketing

Non-personal promotion, a hands-off method of contacting healthcare providers, is gaining momentum in pharmaceutical marketing. This internet-based approach helps companies get the most for their money and is surprisingly inter-personal despite its name. Recent studies show that digital marketing is increasingly effective for pharmaceutical companies, and by creating a personal, interactive experience for doctors, NPP may be a suitable replacement for sales representative visits.

Online pharmaceutical marketing builds brand recognition

In the increasingly digital world, savvy social media and web campaigns are perhaps the most efficient method for companies to start conversations among existing and potential clients. The average consumer is bombarded with hundreds of online ads each day, but research shows that digital pharmaceutical marketing is still garnering results. However, companies must step wisely, as the Food and Drug Administration is implementing new regulations to guide social media marketing.