When it comes to innovation and the marketing mix, some say the healthcare industry lags behind. As a healthcare marketing solutions company, we work feverishly to keep our finger on the pulse of innovation and creative solutions for our clients. MedTera understands that innovation isn’t spurred solely from looking inward in healthcare. We look outward to leaders of marketing innovation from all industries. This is healthcare marketing in the 21st century. We "deliver beyond the fold" by integrating dimensional and digital solutions into multi-wave marketing campaigns that capture the attention of your key targets to engage and elicit response. We assist in marketing your brand by turning medical facts into creative ideas.

Latest News

How to use humor in healthcare marketing

A touch of comedic relief is often incorporated into popular marketing campaigns. However, humorous ads are a lot harder to pull off in the healthcare industry, where there is a very fine line between funny and offensive. A comedic marketing campaign can be effective in building brand recognition and getting noticed on digital platforms, but healthcare companies should use humor sparingly.

Trade agreement with China is good news for medical device manufacturers

A new expansion of the World Trade Organization's Information Technology Agreement could eventually cut tariffs on a variety of medical devices being exported to China. Lower trade barriers to this important market could help U.S. device manufacturers maintain competitive prices and expand international sales.

Pharma marketers take different approaches with weight-loss drugs

The drug market for weight-loss products is expected to grow dramatically over the next several years as more overweight individuals seek help for their conditions. In response to this trend, companies have begun to take different approaches to their pharmaceutical marketing campaigns instead of simply promoting products directly to the end consumer.

3 tips to improve direct mail response rates

Healthcare comapnies that are working on a direct mail marketing campaign can expect a typical response rate of between 1.1 and 1.4 percent, according to the Direct Marketing Association. This number is significantly higher than typical response rates of other types of marketing – email yields .03 percent, Internet display ads generate .04 percent and paid search averages .22 percent. To make the most out of direct mail pieces, marketers should follow these three tips that will help optimize response rates and generate leads.

Healthcare marketing to shift away from TV, radio

Researchers have predicted that over the next five years, healthcare marketing will shift away from broadcast, instead focusing on digital media. Companies that have been relying on TV and radio for their advertising should consider reallocating funds to improve their digital marketing strategies.