When it comes to innovation and the marketing mix, some say the healthcare industry lags behind. As a healthcare marketing solutions company, we work feverishly to keep our finger on the pulse of innovation and creative solutions for our clients. MedTera understands that innovation isn’t spurred solely from looking inward in healthcare. We look outward to leaders of marketing innovation from all industries. This is healthcare marketing in the 21st century. We "deliver beyond the fold" by integrating dimensional and digital solutions into multi-wave marketing campaigns that capture the attention of your key targets to engage and elicit response. We assist in marketing your brand by turning medical facts into creative ideas.

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Can behavior design help healthcare marketing?

When approaching consumers directly, traditional advertising models suggest appealing to one of three paradigms consumers' logical reasoning, their emotional response or their susceptibility to authority. The Greek philosopher Aristotle called these forms "logos," "pathos" and "ethos," though to succeed in modern healthcare marketing, advertisers may need to give their ancient Greek marketing tactics an upgrade to succeed in the modern world.

What does the Sunshine Act exemption mean for healthcare marketing?

When the Physician Payments Sunshine Act was first introduced in 2007, not many healthcare marketing services paid it much mind. After all, the industry had been informally paying physicians for promotional speeches at conferences for decades. It was an accepted – if not publicized – practice within the healthcare marketing industry.

FDA cracks down on Zarbee’s social media activity

Every healthcare marketing professional has been told to throw him or herself headlong into the Wild West of social media marketing. While federal agencies compile guidance for big pharma to follow on Twitter and Facebook, some advertisers have taken the initiative and began social media campaigns without oversight from the government.

Cut through advertising fog with second-screen content

In some respects, healthcare marketing is a speed game. Advertisers who are able to get their products on the market and in front of consumers first are usually the ones who achieve ultimate profitability.

Do healthcare marketing campaigns need big ideas to succeed?

Healthcare marketing professionals have heard time and time again that they need to generate strong, focused messages to connect and engage with consumers at a meaningful level. Sometimes, this may manifest itself as a particularly strong narrative that follows a group of patients as they move through their diagnoses and treatments. Anything human and accessible can turn an OK marketing campaign into a fantastic one.