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At MedTera, our focus is on producing results, driving change, and positively impacting our valued clients.


MedTera Healthcare Intelligence specializes in providing Hospitals, Integrated Health Networks, Medical Device, and Pharmaceutical Companies the support they need to succeed in today's competitive business environment.



At MedTera Healthcare Intelligence, we focus on the things we do best. While our Health and Life Science Clients have unique business challenges, capturing the often overlooked or hidden opportunity requires evidenced based solutions driven by market needs. Our customized solutions combined with our global healthcare network and proprietary tool set span every stage of the healthcare delivery continuum.

Patient Education & Communication Programs

At MedTera Healthcare Intelligence, we believe Patient education and effective communication are an integral component to patient health outcomes. We work with our clients to develop, test and promote both branded and unbranded educational programs.

New Product Innovation Support

The overwhelming majority of new healthcare products and services either fail or fall short of their optimum potential each year. MedTera works with our clients to bring the "Voice of the Patient" into the new project development process.

Healthcare Market Research

Need help recruiting a healthcare audience? We have access to a wide range of healthcare professionals and patients across most therapeutic categories who are interested in sharing their knowledge, opinions and health journey.

Strategic Marketing Support

To be a market leader, organizations must create and maintain a balanced focus on marketing, sales, customers, and product. To focus on one, or two, at the exclusion of the others jeopardizes marketplace position, growth, impact and influence, revenue pipeline, sales effectiveness, and profitability.

Business Strategy Support

Our Consultants work with our clients to re-frame businesses for value, and set in place strategies for organic growth, diversification, divestment, industry consolidation or a new venture pursuit. We educate business leaders with the skills and the tools to develop and implement the new corporate and business strategies that add value and strengthen competitive capability.

Healthcare Professional Solutions

Our Healthcare Professional Solutions are delivered through our partnerships with various health advocacy groups and foundations particularly, Vital Options International (VOI), VOI was established in 1983 and is one of the oldest global health foundations providing Advocacy, Education and Support along with Resiliency Training for Healthcare Professionals at every level.

What Clients and Partners Say About MedTera

“MedTera in partnership with Vital Options gave us patient insights that others simply could not find.”

Senior Vice President
Medical Device Company

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